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I live in Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes. Most times I live in my head, quite unaware of my surroundings – if you know what I mean… If you succeed in tracking Sean Walsh, please let me know, ok? I've been searching for him for years…

A Poster – Wee Nudge…

Published on Thursday 24th June 2021 by Sean Walsh

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Signals from a Distant Planet

Published on Tuesday 20th April 2021 by Sean Walsh

‘Tells a wonderful story through a series of well-crafted, beautifully written and humorous letters, which will draw in all who read them. You will find here the odyssey of a soul that will call forth fellow travelers. His letters to ‘Michael’ are addressed to us all. The work has the vibrancy of great letter writing. Take and read. – Fr...

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Wee Nudge… now a poster.

Published on Saturday 27th March 2021 by Sean Walsh

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Now Here’s the Thing!

Published on Monday 18th January 2021 by Sean Walsh

  CLICK TO EXPAND… “Go into your room… close the door… and be with your Father…” “Social distancing does not cut ice with Jesus Christ. No way!”

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No Vacancies

Published on Saturday 19th December 2020 by Sean Walsh

The Innkeeper to the Carpenter: “What? A bed for the night? You haven’t a hope! We’re full, booked out!.. What?.. Your wife is..? Oh. Oh, dear… Well, look – round the back – the stables… At least ye’ll be in out of the weather…” dfw-sw-christmas_poetry2.pdf

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