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I live in Dublin, Ireland. Sometimes. Most times I live in my head, quite unaware of my surroundings – if you know what I mean… If you succeed in tracking Sean Walsh, please let me know, ok? I've been searching for him for years…

Wee Prayer, Big Request

Published on Monday 28th November 2022 by Sean Walsh

Dear God. Enlighten what is dark in me Strengthen what is weak in me Mend what is broken in me Bind what is bruised in me Heal what is sick in me and lastly, Revive whatever peace and love has died in me…

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Travels with my Dad

Published on Monday 28th November 2022 by Sean Walsh

My Latest! Travels with my Dad. Amazon: ebook and Paperback “Just wonderful – and full of wondering!.. I wallowed in it with smiles and joy and admiration…” – Bernard Farrell. Scribe.

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Close Thing!

Published on Wednesday 19th October 2022 by Sean Walsh

Oh, and one night there during the week when you were away, didn’t I walk into the front room thinking it was empty.   And what do y’know, Mammy and Maggie sittin’ behind the lace curtains at one of the windows looking down at the crowds going past in Park Street and across at the neighbours…   And when I...

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En Route

Published on Wednesday 12th October 2022 by Sean Walsh

EN ROUTE   Nearing the end of a long life I begin to live – a bit… Away with the countless, half-lived Yesterdays! Trudging the Wastelands, soured by my very discontent. Not knowing… unaware… of Him… No going back! No, nor looking back! Now! Now is all that – ‘Aware I am on a direct line – forward at a...

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Jenny One Two Three. Mark Two.

Published on Sunday 7th August 2022 by Sean Walsh

august 7. ’22. At last! After weeks of trial and error… edits… inserts… rewrites… it is ready to put “out there…” Tomorrow I go back over the file one last time… from start to finish… before pressing Publish… Then, all going well, I will begin to promote my wares… this time in earnest. Selling a must… otherwise it just disappears...

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