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In Transit Ann Walsh

Published on Friday 2nd June 2023 by Sean Walsh

Saint Francis Hospice…

A room en suite

soon to be a Departure Lounge.


At her bedside, Wee Four:

Siobhan and Joanna, daughters,

a sister, Patricia… mise…


‘Reaching… touching cold hands,

limp on bedding.

‘A beaker of water to dry lips,

‘sipping… declining.

‘Distraught at our very helplessness:

her shallow breathing… straying words.

Relieved, betimes, by morphine.

My  voice – heart – breaking  

on lines from her favorite prayer…


Stay close to me, Lord – you are my strength,

without you I   am weak.


Stay close to me, Lord – you are my light

and without you it is dark.


Oh how I need you, my Jesus, in the night…


I leaned over… down… slow kiss.


“Oh, Ann… You never lost it!”


She smiled – oh, that smile!..

then sighed… closed her eyes.

Sean walsh August 2023.

Ann Walsh front


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